Manly innovations, Llc Mbx Magazine Base interchange system & Accessories

Welcome to the Manly Innovations website. We are excited to announce the latest advancement in firearm accessories - the patent pending MBX (Magazine Base Interchanging System). The MBX by Manly Innovations provides a new opportunity of application for tactical attachments for handguns, with others coming for shotguns, rifles and short tactical rifles and carbines. With the introduction of the MBX, Manly Innovations has entered the market with the SlapTac™, a mini tactical rail for immediate attachment of flashlights and other accessories, as well as an alternative last-ditch tool in CQB scenarios with the DED (Double-Edge Defense) Blade. Read more on the MBX product page.

In Law Enforcement, tactical and home protection applications, Manly Innovations has developed the SlapTac tactical rail attachment, providing another application of quick and easy accessory deployment. The MBX is the first of many great new innovations coming to market out of the Manly minds and operations. 

Manly Innovations' vision is to bring the highest quality products of shear durability, practicality and ease of use for end user, whether you are one of our brave war fighters in zero-sum conflict, a law enforcement agent protecting your community, a prepared patriot protecting your home and family, or even a prepper just doing what you do best. Every product that has the Manly name on it is made of the of the highest quality materials with pride by men and women who bleed American blood, right here in USA. Manly Innovations, LLC MBX Magazine Base Interchange System and the DED Blade .

Manly Innovations, LLC MBX Magazine Base Interchange System and the DED Blade


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